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Casa da Glória is a historic house built in the eighteenth century (around 1770), located next to the church of Outeiro da Gloria, with many stories to tell.
Few people know, but the Mount of Glory, at the time called Leripe Hill, was one of the first set- tlements of Rio de Janeiro and where, in Janu- ary 1567, the Battle of Uruçumirim took place, and 12,000 soldiers fought for the neighborhood of Gloria and Flamengo. The French were then expelled from the country, consolidating Brazil as a Portuguese colony. In this battle, Estacio de Sa, founder of the city, was fatally shot with an arrow by an Indian Tamoio.
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The property belong, among others, to the Vis- conde de Souto, a partner of the Barão de Mauá, an important brazilian industrial and entre- preneur from XIX century. The house has also served as the Hare Krishna temple and head- quarters of the NGO Viva Rio, among other ac- tivities. A piece of history in the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro.
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Casa da Glória is served with many different transports (buses and subway) on the door and five minutes from Downtown, Santos Dumont Airport and Marina da Glória.
The Aterro do Flamengo, designed by Burle Max, is a major public park in Rio de Janeiro right behind Casa da Glória, where people can enjoy culture (the Museum of Modern Art is lo-cated there) and leisure.
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Another differential of Casa da Glória is the large garden full of fruit trees, birds in a generous outside area .
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The refurbishment of Casa da Glória seeks to transform it into a sustainable cultural space dedicated to contemporary arts performance. The idea is to perform a transformation to be come a green building adapted to all kinds of cultural activities.
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We will have three main areas of activity: two rooms with about 90sqm and a third one slight- ly smaller, with about 50sqm. All spaces are acoustically isolated and can be arranged ac- cording to the demands. In this way, we are able to provide shelter for theatre, concert, art exhi- bition and so on. In addition to performances and events, the house is also a space for artistic residencies, where artists can develop their work in a proper environment for creativity.
The idea is to provide well-equipped spaces and a staff qualified to meet all the needs of the artist and the public.
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Besides the spaces for art activities, Casa da Glória will be equipped with a restaurant, a bookstore and a shop of refurbished old furniture (
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João Braune


Rodrigo Azevedo / AAA Azevedo
Architecture Agency

Rio de Janeiro, 2010