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This program presents top quality performances that use immersivity and technology as tools for the creation of a new artistic university, one that allows and stimulates new forms of audience participation, be it as a viewer/voyeur (, or as a collaborator in the performance ( or as a body/creator for that very performance (

We consider these three performances and companies as the most perfect lever (alavanca) to foster further artistic and technological developments in the Brasilian performing arts field. Inviting them to perform, to share their knowledge and exeperience with audiences and artists in Rio will not only be to the benefit of audiences coming to experience these performances. By having workshops and lectures, a fruitful bridge of cooperation will be built between Brasilian and European artistic experts of different kinds (artists, critics, producers, programmers) The outcome of this on the long term will not only be the creation of new work in the artscène in Rio. At the same time le this program aims at building the conditions for international co-productions and international touring.

The disclosure of the specific know how and experience of these companies to the immersive artists in Rio and vice versa, will not only democratise the artscene, at the same time it will allow further shared artistic developments which might be interesting for the future.

Each of the three companies will present a state of the art and cutting edge performance. They will run workshops for and with local artists and arts professionals sharing their know how. They will train local artists to be involved in the piece they will present in Oi. . They will give theoretical lectures about their work, about immersivity in general and the future of theatrical languages using thechnology as means to build new forms of artistic universes. They will meet artists, producers and other stakeholders to establish further cooperation for the future: coproducing, touring, ….


To present not yet seen, state of the art, top quality and exemplary performances of performing arts companies, working with the most advanced methods and techniques, who’s corebusiness it is to be devoted to and who are explicitly working with immersivity through technology in performing arts performances in classical and non classical theatre-settings, and who have been presenting their work in theatres all around Europe and beyond, on a long term basis.

To involve different kinds of audiences: beginners and experts, professionals and non-professionals, young and old: as viewers, as participants and as coworkers giving feedback in aftertalks and discussions with the artists/producers. Audiences will be giving a chance to getting to know the work, participate in the work, giving feedback on how they received the work, learning about the specificity of it through workshops, meetings and lectures.

To familiarize people with technology as a means for joy, culture, awareness, meaning and cultural participation, to democratise the world of technological excellence and open up its benefits to as much and as different people as possible.

To disclose the knowledge and know how about the creation processes leading to these performances for emerging artists, by involving local artists in the production and adaptation of the performances that will be shown, and by offering free workshops.

To allow local producers, programmers and artists to get to know state of the art production houses in this field in Europe and to establish longterm cooperation with the goal of fostering internationalisation and developing opportunities for Brasilian artists in the international arts market.

To feed the theory about the specificity and the effects of Immersive Arts by with the experience and the insights these 3 companies bring to the scene in Rio de Janeiro.