Korte samenvatting van het programmavoorstel voor de Ocupaçao van Teatro Dulcina in Cinelandia, Rio de Janeiro, oproep van Funarte, Fundaçao Nacional de Arte van de Staat Rio de Janeiro.

TEATRO DULCINA IN CINELANDIA”VOCÊ E CHIQUE”.Fomenta Produçoes (Rio de Janeiro) in collaboration with Belas Estrategias (Rio de Janeiro), Questão Critica (Rio de Janeiro) and Boris vzw (Brussels, Belgium) have the pleasure to present 'Você é chique', a six month proposition for the artistic occupation of Teatro Dulcina in Cinelandia.This proposition is based on artistic, cultural and human diversity. It also aims at the cross sections of the local, the state, the national and the international with a special interest in Belgium and The Netherlands.Teatro Dulcina (www.dulcina.com.br) is historically belonging to the neighborhood of Cinelandia (www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinélandia).
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Cinelandia used to be throughout the 20th century the cultural and nightlife heartland of Rio de Janeiro, but became by the beginning of the 21st century a neighborhood that is neither fish nor flesh. Cinelandia lost not only population, replaced with commuters & companies, but also it's place as the focus of cultural and artistic activity within the city of Rio de Janeiro.Adjacent to the square with Teatro Municipal and Biblioteca National, it could be once again a thriving place in a thriving street, but there are many problems to be taken into account and to be adressed.

Despite all this the neighbourhood has a lot of assets and trumpcards to be played out, amongst others: Teatro Dulcina, Teatro Rival, Teatro Serrador, Cinema Odeon, Fundação Brasileira de Teatro, Centro Cultural da Justica, 'the jazzkiosque', Museo des Bellas Artes, Teatro Glauci Rocha (further up Avenida Rio Branco), ...We do hope together with everybody who is concerned about the future of Cinelandia that the programming and presence of Teatro Dulcina will help redevelop the neighborhood, push forward the development of culture, arts and audiences.Teatro Dulcina for six months artistically aiming to cross different strata: the local neigborhood level, the city level, the state level, the country level, the international level.
Through it's programming policies Fomenta is aiming at different audiences and is longing to mix the possible audiences: working as well outside as inside the theatre, mixing 'high' culture and 'low' culture, mixing the local and the international, working as well aimed at children, families, but also on adult work. 'Voce e chique' will freely mix artistic disciplines.The Brasilian Performing Arts have always been the result of collaborations between artists from home and abroad, just as in the heart of the Brazilian migratory/mixing experience throughout the past centuries. It is precisely this ongoing process of intercultural meeting, collaborating and as Oswaldo da Andrade wrote in his Manifesto Antropófago (1928), of literally consuming each other culturally in order to develop further (Brazilian) cultures and their arts.Last year 2012 Brazil was the guestcountry for the prestigious Belgian Europalia Festival. The Belgian scenes were flooded with a myriad of Brazilian artists, performances, exhibitions, filmfestivals, etc....
This year Brazil has a collaboration with The Netherlands with again many presentations etc from different Brazilian regions, cities and megapolises.
The renommee of the Belgian/Flemish Performing Arts is precisely created through a relentless and almost idiosyncratic awareness of the need for international, indeed global cooperation. Coproduction between international partners broadens the scope of outreaching to multitudes of audiences and an openess towards other ways of thinking, working and playing together.
These ongoing and longtime processes enable audiences and artists to broaden the scope of their views on life, arts, ecology and humanity.The actual planning as for today 08/08/ 2012 gives the scene of Teatro Dulcina to a myriad of artists and organisations: in chronological order between half October 2012 and the end of March 2013.
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www.osmelhoresdomundo.com (Brasilia)
Jo Bilac (Rio de Janeiro)
www.paulogustavooficial.com.br (Rio de Janeiro)
www.grupofisicodeteatro.blogspot.com.br (Rio de Janeiro)
Silvero Pereira (Fortaleeza, Ceara)
www.cennarium.com/elenco/thierry-tremouroux" (Rio de Janeiro, Belgium)
www.etcetal.art.br (Rio de Janeiro)
www.elianacarneiro-arte.blogspot.com.br (Brasilia)
espanca.com (Belo Horizonte)
www.perseguindomatilde.blogspot.com.br/p/os-perseguidores.html (Salvador de Bahia)
www.buelenspaulina.org (Marijs Boulogne, Brussel, België)
www.lapetiteusine.org/mc-villalobos.com (Brussel, Rio de Janeiro)
www.rickyseabra.com (Rio de Janeiro, Belgium)
www.teatroportatil.com.br (Rio de Janeiro)
www.abattoirferme.be (Mechelen, Belgium)

Next to presentation of one or two weeks of their work, the artists and companies are invited to share their knowledge during workshops, aimed at different audiences.

Next to this regular programmation their is also time and space reserved for Dulcina Desvairada ( a series of mixed evenings), the organisation of a symposium and long run workshop on live arts critics and theory (in collaboration with
www.questaodecritica.com.br and www.rektoverso.be.

Finally, 'Você é chique' will end with the 2e premio Questão de Critica, the awards for theater in Rio de Janeiro and a closing party.`

Bringing together artists from home and abroad, performances, workshops, masterclasses in specified programs linked to urgent topics related to the urban ecology of Teatro Dulcina in Cinelandia in Rio de Janeiro will enable the audience to be part of a meaningfull artistic and cultural development in a festive, inclusive and open atmosphere.

Leen Laconte, Joao Braune, Ricky Seabra and Dirk VerstocktforFomenta ProduçoesBelas EstrategiasBoris vzw

In cooperation with Questao de Critica.

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